Millionaire Blueprints LLC

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Dynamic Consulting Services for Realtors, Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Small Business Owners


      Expect the unexpected.  The experience you will have with Millionaire Blueprints LLC is unlike any you have had before.  We will help you redefine success, set your goals according to your values, re-establish your life mission plan and take your business further than you had ever thought possible.  We will guarantee your success and guide you every step of the way.  We will share the responsibility and the effort, and leave the credit for you alone.  Small business owners, realtors, investors and entrepreneurs have all redefined themselves succesfully with our program.  Now it is your turn.

Most business owners seek change, very few find it. Many do not make it past the planning stage. Out of the ones that do only a select few are able to continually implement and use those changes successfully over a period of time.  Let us create lasting changes that will guide your business to success for the long term.

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Overview of Services Offered

<>Business Start up Strategies:  Incorporation, LLC's, partnerships, jurisdictions, feasibility/ ROI studies, financing, credit, legal issues.

<> Asset Protection Services:  Offshore corporations, holding companies, trusts, banking, virtual offices, tax avoidance strategies, legal issues, judgement proofing strategies.

<>Restructuring, Bankruptcy, and Dissolution Strategies:  Protection of business and personal assets and income, negotiations with creditors.

<> Business / Life Mission Plans:  From finding out and attaining your goals according to your values and living your dreams to putting together a plan that will make any bank say yes to your loan for start up or expansion.

<> Success Strategies:  Consulting services designed to turn your job into a business and your business into a powerhouse!

<>Virtual Assistant  Services:  Specialized and trained staffing that will allow you to focus your time on the most important aspects of your business while not having to worry about the minor details knowing that they are being taken care of by the best assistants in the business.

<>Road to Success Program:  Special Realtor Success Program.  Complete format and blueprint of taking your real estate career beyond anything you ever thought possible. Unless your selling 20 million per year on auto pilot you need to be in this program. I will guarantee your results, work with you every step of the way, and you alone will stand out and take credit for the huge success your business has become!

<>EZ as 123! Try us out with a business or personal wealth plan, we will put it together for you from A to Z and Reverse Engineer it and make sure that we will put you in the drivers seat to Success!  No Money? No Business? No Credit? No Problem! We will show you how to obtain financing and funding with repair of your credit or establishment of a new credit profile for your business or personal needs.  Along with that we will help you get your new business off the ground and running on all cylinders, and lastly, with credit and income coming in, we will show you not only how to make it grow but also how to protect those hard earned dollars.

If you have a dream you have yet to live, now is the time!  With our professional assistance every step of the way we guarantee you a complete life change in 1 Year and a complete transformation beyond your dreams within 5!  So stop dreaming about the lifestyle you deserve and start living it today.  Like Andy said in Shaw Shank Redemption, "It comes down to a simple choice really.  Either get busy living, or get busy dying"  Nothing can be truer, so what are you waiting for?  To become one day older before making the changes you need to make in life to provide for yourself and your family the way you have always wanted, the way you always knew you could if you could just get that extra push in the right direction?!  Well its here now and opportunity doesn't sit and wait.  Contact me today and tell me that you want more than what you have gotten from life!  If your living in a country that everyone in the world wants to come to because this is the land of opportunity and wealth and your living paycheck to paycheck then something is very wrong with that picture.  You have become complacent to exist rather than take the reins and make your dreams happen.  I am not going to go on like some infomercial, the rest is up to you!  Some of you will contact me, others may come upon this website in 5 years in the same place they are today and wonder what if?


"If you can dream it, you can do it-"

Millionaire Blueprints LLC specializes in the needs and demands of the small business owner in todays aggressive environment. We implement all the key growth strategies that the larger companies utilize while allowing the benefits of the small business to make and utilize new information and technology to move quickly in adapting new marketing techniques to aquire and keep a growing customer base.