Foreclosure Assistance and Credit Repair Services

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Homeowner Assistance Services Available At Special Rates

We at Millionaire Blueprints LLC understand that the foreclosure process can be especially difficult for a family to go through.  The loss of stability that loosing a home brings and having to answer children's questions on why they have to move is not easy. That along with the negative information on your credit report which makes it more difficult to arrange future mortgage financing are all the more reasons that you want to avoid foreclosure if at all possible.   We at Millionaire Blueprints LLC have many years of experience in putting together Special Forebearance Programs for homeowners whose home is going into foreclosure.  We cover everything from doing partial claims for FHA loan assistance to Loan Modification Programs to referals for new financing options.  Time is of the essence.  Once you have notice of a sale date you must act quickly.  Usually you will have approximately 30 days to work out something with your lender before the sheriff sale date.  That is called the reinstatement period and once that period of time is over you must then pay the lender the entire amount owing on the mortgage including all late fees, attorney fees and interest.  The period of time from the date of the sheriff sale until the lender can legally gain the property back is called the redemption period.  This redemption period varies from 30 days if the home is left vacant to 6 months if there is less than a 50% equity position to 12 months if there is more than a 50% equity position.   After that time period is up the lender may go to court to evict you.  Also within that time period you may sell the home, or give back the home which is called a "deed in lieu" which can be negotiated with the lender in order to help with your credit.  If a lender accepts a deed in lieu of foreclosure they will not report your default on the loan as a foreclosure.  Also available is a cash for keys program which can be negotiated with your lender as well.  This is signing over your home before the end of the redemption period and moving out and turning over the keys to the lender in exchange for money to move with.  We have structured many of these deals as well as what is called a short sale.  A short sale enables you to sell the home even if there is no equity in it.  We can negotiate with your lender on your behalf to lower the amount owing on the loan in order to help make the sale take place and cover all expenses such as realtor fees etc.  Please keep in mind that there are many options available from the time the "notice of default" is attached to your door.  So please call us for a free consultation so that you can evaluate all your  options and make the one that is best for you and your family.

Credit Repair

Good credit is as important as a good job these days.  It is now neccesary in order to get a mortgage, financing a car with an affordable rate of interest, getting a credit card that is not secured, and good rates on insurance or to even rent a home.  Credit scoring has gone above and beyond what it was initially intended for and we are judged now mainly on what our fico score is fair or not.  We do not believe that people should suffer and pay higher insurance rates when they have a good driving record because they were late paying a medical bill, or not getting an apartment even though their income more than covers it.  Millionaire Blueprints LLC will help you erase all that negative information that is holding you back. We will help you clear up any negative information that does not belong on your report.  We will do this for you in a proficient and legal manner so that you can have the lifestyle you deserve.

Millionaire Blueprints LLC Helping Families in Foreclosure

With so many families losing their homes to foreclosure, Millionaire Blueprints LLC has stepped up its efforts to do its part.  We have held special work shops to assist people in working out alternatives to foreclosure. In January we organized a special event offering free assistance to people in Detroit and surrounding communities that were facing foreclosure.  If we could save just one home it was worth the effort to us. 

~Mark Silver