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Looking for 5 new Realtors for Road to Success Program

For those of you that are not subscribers to the Millionaire Blueprints Newsletter, we are currently looking to take 5 Realtors through our Road to Success Program.  We have gotten nothing but the highest remarks from those that are in it.  Those that have joined even several years ago are still on their Road to Success Program with us.  This alone attains to the fact that this Program not only works but truly transforms your being a realtor to being a major player as a business success in the real estate industry.  This is not a simple program that will just show you ways to get more leads and listings or how to negotiate with the sellers mortgage company for a better short sale to insure a closing.  This Road to Success Program is like nothing you have ever expected, with results you have never seen before Guaranteed!

Special Promotional Services

Lease Options:

I currently have clients looking for properties that they can rent with an option to purchase.  If you are sitting on a vacant property that could use tenants which may or may not look to excercise a lease purchase option please contact me.

4000 Square Foot Home, Bloomfield Hills, Prime Area! All the Upgrades! Needs some basic cosmetic touches and a new roof (est. cost of $27K) if your in the market, you can save over $150K on this beautiful custom home. Built in 2004, email for all the details.

Special Note for entreprenuers looking to schedule consulting appointments with me:

Schedule for Out of State Appts.

Available April 10th thru 22nd

May 15th thru 19th

All Phone Consultations and In State Appts. Available

Please contact me to arrange consultations by phone, email and in person, thank you for your understanding, Mark