Invest in Cuba!

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Casino Cuba - The Last Bastion of Unclaimed Wealth

Cuba, once the play ground of the rich and famous.  Night Clubs, Casino's, and the best entertainment money could buy. The hang out of the rich and famous, of mobsters and movie stars.  Meyer Lansky, Rock Hudson, Earnest Hemingway and Rocky Marciano.  The Castro regime that severly hampered this mecca of the sand and sun has come and soon will be gone.  What will be left is unclaimed opportunity.  Even now the influx of European and Canadian Tourists provide 2 million visitors per year to a country with a population of 11 million.  This small Carribean nation will soon provide unbelievable opportunities and rewards to the few that got in early in what will be the last commercially untouched country in the region.  The last opportunity that came along like this was Moscow in the early 90's, and this may be the last real opportunity out there like this.  And to have this opportunity only 90 miles from the United States is almost to good to be true.  Many Canadians feel that Americans are going to miss the boat on this one because we aren't even by the dock.  When in fact there are a few select US based investors that are "in the know" and quickly taking advantage of this opportunity.

One Canadian company that has gotten the jump on Cuban investment is called Leisure Canada, they were recently featured on CNN and have this video prominently displayed on their web site.  Please check out the video and the company to see what is happening just a few miles from our country.

As you can see from this video done by CNN the smart money is starting to make big moves and cannot stay under the radar much longer before the public takes notice and the prices double triple and more in the near future.  I have personally met with the attorney that is directly involved with Cuba's Foreign Investment Act of 1995, set up to counter the Helms-Burton Act which was enacted by the US Senate to stranglehold the Cuban Economy. The foreign investment act is the golden key that can unlock untold potential and is just beggining to be utilized after over 10 years.  Cuba is changing in how it views foreign investment, after the Helms Burton Act coupled with the loss of financial aid from Russia Cuba has to move aggresively towards finding other ways to bring in revenue neccesary to sustain and grow its meager economy.  Other companies and countries are now starting to take notice of this great opportunity, so the time to invest is now. The basics that the government looks for in a foreign partnership with outside companies are not very complicated.  They are willing to provide land and labor, and labor is roughly $25 per month per full time worker. The outside foreign investor is to provide the buildout of whatever is needed on the land and the machinery, equipment, etc. Of course it is a little more involved than this is stated, but you have a general idea.  I have scheduled several trips to Cuba in the last 5 years and I am in the process now of putting together an investment group to go with me on the next trip.  Get in touch with me if you have an interest, as I am limiting the group to myself and 5 others to keep it small and manageable.  Look to have a great time, with the entertainment being first rate along with the beautiful sandy beaches, the warm friendly people, and a great time at an unbelievably low price.  Put it this way, the Hotel Nacional, the 5 star hotel in Havana is only $169 per night!  If you don't remember this is the hotel prominently featured in The Godfather Part 2. 

Contact me via email for more info.

Magazine Ad for the Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba in 1958.

Street side view in Havana.